We Send YOUR Love

​The Feeling of a Warm Embrace

Anytime. Anywhere​.

We anonymously send a beautiful letter to the person you choose. 

A message of love and appreciation, gratitude and joy

Send Love To The World

Right this moment there is someone you know who needs to be reminded of how special they are.
That friend who just lost a loved one, your sister on the other side of the world, or maybe your mother who always gives and never takes.
Right this moment there is a blank envelope waiting for a name. Tell us : who are you thinking of?

We never forget an unexpected act of kindness.

We feel deeply touched and emotionally moved by them, especially as they always seem to come at the right moment : exactly when a warm embrace is what we need the most.

Imagine finding our special message in your letter box after a bad day, when you feel down, defeated and worthless...that letter is there to remind you how special and amazing you are. Someone sent it to you to tell you how worthy and wonderful you are. What a relief... Now you can start breathing again.

Can you think of anything better?

" Someone Somewhere Around The World
Wants You To Never Forget
How Amazing You Are..."


We think we have answered all your questions... Please read below.

How do I send more than one letter?

Can I personalize my letter with the name of the recipient?

Can I have my letter written by hand?

What if I want my letter BOTH hand written and personalized?

Where do I enter the recipient address?

Is my payment safe?

Just curious...why anonymously?

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